The Lost Initiative Season 5: The last one, The Incident

Bloody good ending to the season, I can’t wait until the next year. I have a feeling it’s going to be a very epic last series. I also have a feeling all of the cast will be back, and when I say all of the cast I mean ALL of them.

We are also up for a Broadcast Award (Best Use of Interactive) which is pretty cool. It would be nice to win one after 5 years of hard work ; )
This is who we are up against though. Tough competition.
Chicken Out, C4
The Lost Initiative, Sky 1
Proper Messy, BBC Switch

PS. All chocolate bars where consumed on the train back home. BONUS


Anna said...

Jacob is a corporeal being. He looks and acts human. The spooky goings-on in the shed don't seem like him at all, and the girl did say that he hadn't been there in a while... I think that's just smokey / bad man in another form.

Also, if Charlie doesn't appear for at least a full episode, I will cry and break things!

Interesting side note, I panicked all over twitter when I realised there was nine months of chaos and meaningless ahead of me, leading many of my followers to think I was pregnant / dying. Careless words...

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