Star Trek

I don't know what to say, but I had to write something, you know the usual sycophantic "if you see any film this year" kind of stuff. No film is perfect, but truly great films (not the artsie classics chock full of mise en scene) the kind of film everyone can watch and enjoy, you love them too much to look for fault.

Maybe this film isn't perfect, but...look any film that can essentially erase the whole canon of a much loved legendary Sci-Fi series, begin to rewrite it and not only get away with it but do it well! How is that film not amazing?

Maybe I'll do like a proper review or something later, but now I'm going to roll around on my bed like a school girl with a crush. Yup, I'm gay for Star Trek.



The Other Girl said...

Only just read this cos have been busy/ lax of late - totally agree, i loved Star Trek a whole, big lot. Fabulous. Good work JJ.

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