The fantastic tale of Guillermo Del Toro.

The news that Guillermo Del Toro is directing The Hobbit films is old news, and though I know without a doubt that his amazing style that brings back the feeling of wonder and fantasy to a movie business that is a little too transparent these days, I still can't get that excited about it. I'm tired of Tolkien. Sure that will change when I start seeing stuff from the project but that's not here yet.

So when I read this article from Variety that explains how Del Toro has signed an first look contract with Universal and saw the material we're going to be getting, its safe to say I did a big 'ole geeky sex-wee in my pants.

You really have to hand it to Universal, I have to say as Studios go, they have been good to Del Toro. They took a chance on Hellboy first time round, and when it came to number two after everyone else had turned him down they took another chance, good for them. But Del Toro is definitely the guy you take chances on cause the goods just don't stop coming.

So on top of the two Hobbit movies we'll be seeing an adaptation of DROOD by Dan Simmons (after a bit of Googlology this is a book, musical, etc based on Charles Dickens last unfinished novel). There's SLAUGHTERHOUSE-FIVE which was an award winning film in the 70s, though a box office flop(anybody else notice a strange link between box office flops and films winning awards or becoming cult classics?). There's also the exciting news that he wants to do FRANKENSTEIN and DR JEKLL AND MR HYDE, projects that I feel would really suit Del Toro's style.

And finally his pet project which he's been trying to get made for a while AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS by H.P. Lovecraft. The issue with this project is that its Lovecraft and that means two things, theres no love story and there sure as hell is no happy ending. Del Toro himself has claimed these reasons for why the project hasn't yet been signed. But lets hope Universal take another risk, because Del Toro visualizing Lovecraft, I would think, will blow your socks off.

There seems to be a lot of focus on the human condition here, especially when you consider FRANKENSTEIN and DR JEKYLL AND MR HYDE. And the stuff Del Toro is saying in Variety sounds like what someone with a brain would want to hear about these projects. FRANKENSTEIN will focus on the monsters relationship with his creator and questions of why am I here. While DR JEKYLL AND MR HYDE will look at Jekyll's addiction to the dark freedom of his alter ego.

And there's always the promise of another Hellboy we hope, that will of course be decided when the dust has settled and Universal see how much dollar they get back in the bank. Personally I think this one will come down to DVD sales. Hellboy had two DVD releases, the first was one of the best I've seen and the second was even better, the kind of DVDs you have to own. If we see a repeat with the sequel you be damn sure we should see another Del Toro Hellboy. I personally hope we see some more of the animated movies to tide us over.

I can't wait, the director who has returned some of the wonder of the cinema to me has an amazing diary of projects, what more could I ask for.



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