Has the World Ended?

Here's a question for you, posed over some fish nuggets and a peri peri turkey wrap (that didn't quite work) this very lunchtime; When does costume drama become sci-fi, and therefore acceptable on this blog?

I throw it out there because I've pretty much been banned from the discussion of the relative merits of bustles, phaetons and tits.

"Oooh, you've got to be single and play computer games if you want to post on here," he'll mutter like the disaffected youth he is. But if GeekyTom decides he's going to start watching ITV's ace new mid-week drama (which I give three Wyverns), on the basis it has "an element of sci-fi" does that mean the world has irrevocably changed? And if it has, what kind of scary person is he turning into?


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