Dead Set – E4.Com

While cyber-strolling around E4.Com, I stumbled across a rather intriguing banner that proclaimed "DEAD SET" in a rather familiar font. Immediately my zombie sense started tingerling, "If I’m not completely mistaken, that’s the font from the "of the dead" series. You know, Land of the dead, Day of the dead - All those George A Romero master pieces.

My instincts where proved right as I was directed through to a page with a countdown and rather bloodied Big Brother logo. Upon clicking said logo a rather nice trailer started to roll. Showing a few minutes of what seems to be a Big Brother house, infested with Zombies.

Divina was there, and everything...I wonder if the Geordie voice over guy will be too?

I did a Google and came up blank so I guess we will have to wait for the countdown to get to zero!

Anyway, It looks bloody amazing, See for you self.


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