Dexter - Season 3

Season 3 is about to start in America for all the people that watch this.

For everyone that doesn't, please do yourselves a favor and buy it on DVD, or download it or whatever. Because it's amazing TV.

It's based on a series of books, and for once, the TV lives up the to it's literacy counter part. It's a black comedy / thriller about a rather charming serial killer. He has rules though, the most interesting of which being he can only kill criminals. Unfortunately for his victims hes a blood splatter analyst for the Miami Police so hes able to cover his tracks and run interference when the police call him to examine his own crime scenes.

He has a sweary sister who is also in the police force, and some comedy friends. My favorite being Vince Masuka, one of Dexter's colleagues who's unrequited feelings for Dexter's sister, lead to some incredibly crass and indecent conversations.

This gets a Wyvern thumbs up so makes sure you take the time to watch it, or I will send Dexter round to cut you up and dump you in the sea...only kidding, or am I ?


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