What's in the Box?

I had a discussion with my friend about this video. He thinks that it’s a fan made piece, probably by a university graduate. From reading a few blogs and looking at the video's website, I thought it could be the start of some viral marketing campaign. However I’m starting to lean towards the fan made video now. The guys in the jumpsuits look like skinny teenagers rather then experienced actors. They are also wearing trainers which for some reason I really noticed.

Anyway more to the point, it is obviously based on the game Half Life 2 with the gigantic citadel looming the back ground. Having completing the Half Life 2 I know that this video is based right at the end of the game when you (Gordon Freeman) are about to destroy the portal at the top of the tower.

So I guess it’s a trailer for a Half Life fan made film.

The more astute of you will notice they have nicked some music from Lost. Made me realise just how good the Lost soundtrack is.

They also have a website to go along with the video.


So I guess the question is what is in the box?

A present maybe?
A fish?
A cake?
A ham?
A rabbit?

Who cares?


GothamKnight said...

Wow that was amazing, thanks for posting Tom.

I recognised the signature Lost music straight away. Just goes to show how powerful it really is.

I love how its shot in first person; makes it feel a lot like Cloverfield. The special effects were really well done too. I think it is just a fan-made short movie though.

And what exactly is inside the box? A new submarine?

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