Tokyo! and Kaizen Jeans

I get bored easily, it’s a personality flaw I realise this. But sometimes I just get bored of the same old films, the same old directors, the same old plots and the same old sequels. I need a change, I need something strange, something weird and normally it comes from Japan. Well, Japan or from the mind of Michel Gondry. Luckily enough he has a new film coming out but he has teamed up with another French guy that I’m sure that I should know and the fellow that made The Host – that scary monster horror flick. So I have managed to combine two of my favourite things – Tokyo and Michel Gondry - which I’m pretty chuffed about. Well, I say "I have" but it’s really the person that came up with the idea for this film. Which is split up in to three separate stories all based in and around Tokyo. I can’t wait to watch it as it promises to be incredibly strange and perfectly surreal – I’m rather excited.

Also on the Japanese tip, I have found a pair of rather expensive jeans made by Howies (Kaizen Jeans). Apparently you don’t have to wash them…

I’m not sure who that works but apparently the less you wash them the better they become, thus combining two more of my favourite things – not washing and things getting better over time. Here is a good fact for you, if you put them in the freezer it will stop them smelling, but you probably want to keep them away from the food. Also, I wonder what happens if you get them covered in shit? I bet you have to wash them then!


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