Blood: The Last Vampire...again, 3rd time lucky?

Been a while...went to New York, like it there...very big. Trying to better myself too, learning and such. PC was on the fritz too...then I remembered I'm supposed to be writing for this here blog thingy, didn't just remember though, I stumbled on this trailer over at Twitch.

Many moons ago there was an excellent (if flawed, it was too short) manga called Blood: The Last Vampire. Was actually done as an experiment in the melding of hand drawn and CGI animation. It was atmospheric genius.

Then there was a series, it sucked, there is a manga series formula which goes young girl with split personality who is a sweet harmless, normal girl most of the time and then becomes a kick-ass bitch when there's danger. She doesn't know this happens and her bumbling human friends have to deal with this whole dichotomy. Pretty much every other manga follows this recently, shame.

And now comes a live action film, building on the original material apparently though I'm not sure. The heroine of this tale is a half vampire fighting to kill all full vampires, yup I've heard this one before too. Personally I got the impression from the original that the heroine was a vampire and the monsters she was killing were some other sort of vampire called chiropterans, in her eyes inferior and deserving to die. In fact, it actually says pretty much that in the trailer above. Basically she's not a hero, she's doing it for her own reasons, I can't stand bloody heroes, it's why I liked it.

So get passed some dodgy wire work, the terrible trailer voice guy and this could be a good bit of vampire kung-fu action.



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