Quake Live – No Work Today!

I reckon this could be a possible future of gaming. Browser based games that are on a par with console and PC games. Very little installation required. All the game’s important files are held on the server of the company that makes the game so nothing will ever go wrong with it. Also they can make constant updates to the game without having all their users download a new patch or an addon. It’s pretty clever and ID are the first people to have done it.

Does anyone remember Quake? I do...I played it a bit but never really got in to it – apparently it was a pretty big deal back in the day. Anyway Quake is an old shooty shooty game from 1996 and it seems that computers have come such a long way that you can run it perfectly in your internet browser.

Click the picture to kill some internet nerds and probably a hell of alot of bored bankers.

This is going to be the bane of businesses world wide – we are talking Facebook proportions here, mark my words. It’s so simple to setup and takes only secs to log in to a match with other "real life" people and shoot the hell out of them... what’s that? The boss is coming over? Alt-tab and you’re just checking your emails...the perfect crime.

What is REALLY interesting is the way they might be making this earn them a bit of money on the side. There is a possibility of them selling ad space on the walls of the arenas that you play in. So you could blow your friends to bits while watching Howard sing a song about the Halifax on the billboard above you – ok maybe that was a bad example, Howard is probably down at the job centre now crying his eyes out…bloody credit crunch.

Anyway they have to make money out of this or their server cost will skyrocket and they will just be pissing cash up the wall. So watch this space and lets hope for some other old games being turned in to browser games - Xwing Vs Tie Fighter anyone?

PS. It doesn't work on Macs LOL


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