Lost is back and so is the Wyvern Hawk

So lost starts again this week...

Along with Skyones podcast where I will be once again making a complete tit of myself for the benefit of the all the lost fans out there. I honestly can’t remember anything about lost which isn’t a good thing when are you are expected to talk about it for an hour with a jumbo microphone shoved in your face. So the first episode could be interesting.

I've been told to watch this so hopefully I will be up to speed for the podcast.

Anyway I'm going to try and keep a running commentary of how well it's going and if I still like Lost; which I'm sure I still do...probably. I've also spruced up the blog and got another of my mates to join so we are all set for 2008...I hope.

"Some will be saved"

What? Jack and Kate...its not really a big secret...


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