I went and watched a rather interesting vampire film last night. Which makes me chuckle because I have made some quite strong claims recently that I would never see any the influx of the fanged-teen-angst-wank infecting our cinemas at the moment.

Luckily this was a film written and directed by Park Chan-wook, the guy that brought us the ultra violent Oldboy. So there was no over-quaffed-vampire-twats in sight, hurray.

The film is about a priest who goes to a Catholic sanctuary where they are trying to cure a fatal disease. He volunteers to be infected so they can find a cure. However for some reason that must of got lost in the subtitles, he gets a blood transfusion from a vampire donor.

He makes an astounding recovery but with some obvious side effects. From here on you would of thought you could of predicted the outcome and you probably could have done if the film wasn't from South Korea.

Now starts the craziness as he discovers sex, murder, Mahjong and a mental new girl friend and her soon to be paralysed mother. I won't spoil the plot, although in all honesty I'm finding it hard to remember a lot of what happened. Least to say it's not your everyday vampire movie. Although it is about love and there is a lot of blood drinking.

Sasha came along to and I think she enjoyed it, although she did miss some of the best bits, her coat had some how made it in to a position that completely obscured her view...not sure how. Later, after chatting over some paella. It turns out that bones snapping out of arms, people being burned alive and fingers being bent back until they break aren't some of her favorite things to watch.

All in all it's a great film, not AS good as Oldboy but worth a watch if you like listening to over exaggerated slurping noises...I know I do.


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