If there was ever a movie that didn't EVER need a sequel Donnie Darko was it.

But guess what? 'They' are making one! I have no idea who 'they' are but I will make them pay.


The beauty of the original was that it was filmed on a such a low budget, it seemed to keep Richard Kelly's crazy imagination in check. Something that was let loose with Southland Tales much to everyone's bemusement. Kelly isn't at the helm which is a bit silly, because if I had created some like Donny Darko, I wouldn't let anyone touch it.

I don't know if its just me but S.Darko seem a little too Hollywood blockbuster. They have swapped the creepy bafflement with explosions and teen angst. Even the sound track which pretty much defined the original leaves a lot to be desired - in the trailer anyway.

I guess I can't really have a valid view until I have watched it. Which I will, even though I know it will make me angry.


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