Being Human: Good?

Oh Lenora Crichlow, I heart you
So BBC3 launches a spanking new show about a werewolf, a ghost and a vampire at exactly the same time as Kate Beckinsale dusts her catsuit down and Stephanie Meyer's Twilight saga goes absolutely mental.

Harry Potter mental, where adults read kids books, only because they've got monochrome covers they're like totally the equivalent of proper books.

Anyway spooky timing aside (to the extent they also manage to combine vampires and werewolves), despite the creaky plotlines, and the fact it uses the hackneyed good looking one/pretty girl/geeky but ultimately doomed character dynamic, I'm in the weird position of absolutely loving it. Seriously, but is it only 'good' because I clearly don't like sci-fi/horror/whatever and therefore I've got terrible taste, or is it actually 'good'? I'm not sure, can anybody help?

And Septimus, I'm allowed to like it because Russell Tovey was also in Little Dorrit and therefore it's only one step away from my beloved bustles and barouche boxes.


Geeky Tom said...


Euan said...

If it helps at all, I accidentally caught about 20 minutes of this and found myself accidentally not flipping the channel like I normally do. Not a fan of this sort of thing usually but quite addictive...

Dan said...

I actually really like this show. Which is odd for something on BBC 3.

Anna said...

I got really sucked into this, to the extent of watching the final episode on the website the day before it went on tv. Can't wait for the next series.

And I have wonderful taste ;) So, yes. It's definitely good.

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