The Old Guys Vs Peep Show

Sometimes coming up with inspiration is a real battle against apathy and the will to just sit on your arse. And sometimes things just fall into your lap, making it almost a crime not to comment on it...

Old Guys - not funnyA couple of weeks ago I inadvertently watched an episode of The Old Guys. Not a whole episode you understand, just a bit, enough to realise it was terrible - your typical Saturday night BBC 'comedy' really. It was so middle of the road in fact, I banished it from my mind. Until last week when I discovered the awful truth; it was written by Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain. Peep Show's Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain!

There are obvious parallels between them, in fact it's just the cast of Peep Show in thirty years, which *could* be funny. Clive Swift plays the older Mark, and Roger Lloyd Pack is clearly Jeremy, but it's like the idea has gone through some sort of Reithian Vanilla-iser to remove anything which could be amusing, oh and replaced it all with Jane Asher.

Now with two series of the further adventures of Mark and Jeremy commissioned, I demand they ditch this tosh and get back to their day job. At least Rob Webb has the decency to keep his end up, so to speak...


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