NINE...the number following 8 and preceeding 10 according to Wikipedia.

But for me it means the long wait is over. Tim Burton still has an eye for talent, even after recent creative brain farts. And so we have Nine.

This is the brainchild of Shane Acker, a genius and hopefully a great director of the future. Nine began life as a short in 2005 and still is one of the best films I have ever seen. It came to my attention when it was getting a lot of press because Burton had liked it so much he quite rightly thought it deserved a feature length production, 9-9-09 will see the release of said feature.

(genius marketing there but you have to wonder if this film isn't already finished and they're just holding off for that, christ you can just imagine that meeting "You know what would be cool....oh wow dude that's a totally sweet idea!" marketings monkeys)

Of course there's always trepidation with genius shorts getting the feature treatment but I think Acker knows what he is doing. It has the same creepy atmosphere of the orginal and the voice acting so far fits the work, but what pleases me more is that in making it into a feature they have given it an epic, adventure feel that really suits. Wait what am I telling you for CHECK IT OUT.

Of course to fully appreciate it I think you must see the original so for your viewing pleasure.

Thank you Burton for bringing the genius of shane acker to the rest of the world, I can't wait.



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Incredible. I found the website for the movie:

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