Killzone 2 Full Length Trailer


Sony started this round of the console wars at a slow stroll. Over the last few months they have moved to slow jog, and now I think they may be hitting ramming speed back they have just brought out the big guns.

This is the PS3 equivalent of Gears of War – Killzone 2. Sony have been keeping this ace back as I guess they didn’t want to compete with Gears last November which is understandable. It seems to have all the stereo-types covered which is essential with these types of first person shooters – epic music, clich├ęd characters and a faceless enemy.

I’m liking the nod to Apocalypse now (the crazy bald headed army dude who is shouting that speech in the trailer).
I don’t think Colonel Walter E. Kurtz approves though!

Here is a question, why does the pilot always die in these games? I guess it's a convenient "point of no return". So you can't just fly away and escape the horrors of battle - it gets really tiring being so heroic the whole time.


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