Forget global economic meltdown, terrorism or this evil super-flu. I'm about to flip my lid and take you all with me.

Katy Perry.

Katy Bastard Perry.

Apparently she kissed a girl, woop-de-freaking-doo. She seems to be the latest "it" girl, prancing around presenting this, singing on that. But to be quite frank she just gets my goat.

Ok, I haven't a clue when her song was actually a hit but I've heard it a lot recently and it's unimaginitive cliche pop drivel is starting to annoy me so much my eyes itch.

To elaborate I think I would of found it perhaps less offensive if it wasn't for the drip, drip of celebrity factoid rubbish that keeps invading my being. Like her saying something about Lily Allen, why should I know that?! Why do I need to know that more to the point. More of this nonsense and I'll forget something important like breathing.

And that bloody song is just sexualized trash thats been done so many times before, so you kissed a girl so has every other bloody girl with a camera and a Facebook page. Why don't you go and start a band with them moronic russian twits that were around a few years ago, you could get Sam Ronson to dj. Actually she is a lesbian, and not as far as I can tell a publicity whore, plus she seems to have a good thing going with that Lohan girl and they seem happy which is.....

(at this point my brain forgot how to process images and I went blind, I then somehow wandered into a bad area of town and was beaten by a gang of teenage girls until I could see again)

And now their telling me Watchmen might not get released!!! Jesus Christ Fox! Why don't I just bend over and let you rape me, that way you can make sure to remove the final grain of hope and humanity.

On the plus side however Galatica and Lost start again soon, oh and Bryan Fuller is back on Heroes. And Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are set to play Thomson and Thomson in the upcoming Tintin movie. Not to mention did you see the pic of Optimus Prime on the cover of Empire!!!

Happy New Year everyone, maybe I won't kill you all, yet.



The Other Girl said...

HAHAHAHA!! couldn't agree more, i freaking HATE that song, it's the aural equivalent of nails down a blackboard, and the endless back and forth sniping between her and Lily Allen (who i think i may have once liked, but whose potential addition to Doctor Who now fills me with dread) makes me want to fill my eyes and ears with sand to MAKE IT ALL GO AWAY. Thank fuck for the return of Lost and BSG...time will tell if Fuller can turn Heroes around.

Crabs said...

WHAT!!! By all that is holy why would they have Lily "the gob" Allen on Dr Who!! I'm starting to think they have that turd who was supposed to "revamp" BBC 3 working on Who now, what with the new "hip", young Dr. I shall strain to hold back on judgment just yet.

Fuller bathes in the glorious light of Pushing Daisies and doesn't sound like he's making excuses when he talks about his work. Loeb has been riding on some successful Batman comics for too long. Just cause Nolan based two of the greatest films ever on your work doesn't mean you can just quit caring Loeb!

The Other Girl said...

Well said re Loeb. As for Allen as the companion - apparently (digitalspy) Michelle 'Bionic for all of five minutes Woman' is now the frontrunner....!

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