Spaz out to Wii zombies

Bonkers Japanese videogame mag Famitsu has some kind of Resident Evil 4 Wii exclusive, which I'm now going to repeat in a mocking manner as I pick through a badly translated babelfish version of their site.

It's the same as the Gamecube and PS2 version, but instead of simply pressing a button to interact with surroundings, you have to shake the wiimote like a spaz holding a piece of hot coal. This is what it looks like:

Resident Evil 4
New crate slapping action!

Resident Evil 4
All new 'Press A to look out of window' mode.

Resident Evil 4
Unlockable jive dancing sub game.

Resident Evil 4
"Biohazard 4 Wii edition the reporter whom you experienced. Becoming too absorption, as for attitude the which tilts, Wii remote control the which is scattered, the sweat out the which is sown as for large the plain gauze!"

Resident Evil 4
FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, it's just a bloody wiimote waggling over a scene from the Gamecube version. We could have mocked this up and got an exclusive. Look: here's one I just did of the new PS3 version of the game, where you smash in zombie heads with Mallet's Mallet:

Resident Evil 4 on PS3 EXCLUSIVE

Anyway. Resident Evil 4 will be on Nintendo Wii soon. Probably.


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