Wait....what the hell are we going to watch in September?!?

Lost is gone.

Heroes got cancelled, I know! Shocked silence...no-one saw that coming.

Yey Fringe is still awesome, but that's not enough to feed my TV beast.

Thank you Frank Darabont and AMC!!!

The Walking Dead is perhaps one the greatest comic book series around today, and definitely the greatest zombie one. If you haven't read it, go and do it now, that's not a suggestion.

It's got everything you want from zombies and then they add a bit more. Plus the truly great idea that if there is ever a zombie holocaust I'm heading to a prison, genius idea.

Now I am a little apprehensive about how this is going to pan out, it is TV and this is zombie holocaust, but this is Frank Darabont for Christ-sake, not to mention AMC are currently one of the best stations in the US for amazing TV. With Mad Men and Breaking Bad under their belt I've a feeling they're on for another winner, fingers crossed for September.

Add to that, the author Robert Kirkman seems to be pretty heavily involved and it all looks freaking sweet.

Here's a treat they've dropped on the OBLIGATORY BLOG, going to keep an eye on that one, looks like there's some real work going into the design and planning on this one:


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