The end of Lost and the start of my new job

I should have seen it coming. Damon and Carlton said so many times that they wouldn't answer all the questions that their show has created and failed to answer over the years. Lost has always been about the characters, it was never really about the mythology. Unfortunately Damon and Carlton did such a good job of creating a back story for the island that, in my view, I found the island more interesting than the characters. So yes, I'm a little bit confused and a little unsatisfied with the ending.

They kind of made season 3 and 4 a bit redundant. They only seemed to have been written to show how Desmond would be able to save the island and how Sayer and Juliet would be destined for each other. Yes I know that's simplifying the subtle nuances of it all but the only real answers I wanted were raised in those 2 seasons. 1, How is time travel relevant to island 2, What was Dharma trying to do with it. I guess I really wanted some crazy bond villain ending, revolving around the heart of the island inside some secret Dharama complex where Widmore was trying to take over the world or something. A gigantic end battle where my favourite theme of the show, faith vs science, would be fought.

But at the end of the day it's not me writing the show and I respect Damon and Carlton for just doing their own thing. I guess a few people are annoyed at the moment but it will fade over time. Will Lost be remember in a fond light? Probably. Will there be some spin off shows? Probably. Will Damon and Carlton be involved? I doubt it. will I watch them? No.

One fantastic thing that did come out of this was the simultaneous broadcast of the finale world wide. I'm no expert on these things but a surely this is the way to beat piracy. The internet links the world together and TV is now a global thing. Stop the REAL need for people to download these shows and you might get people watching TV again...not that they ever really stopped.

Anyway with Lost finishing I'm moving on to new stuff. I have recently got a job at EA games. So I guess I will have access to some interesting games related stuff, still not sure whether I will be able to talk about it as I start next week but I will if I can.

Bye bye for now, I'm off to get a verbal beating from all my friends as they told me during season 1 that it was purgatory.


Anna said...

But it WASN'T purgatory. Ok, the alternate timeline kind of was. I was delighted with the ending, and I think it's a good thing that there's still plenty left to discuss - although it doesn't sound like you particularly want to!

The only thing that would really, really make it perfect is a sequel to TLE answering the sci-fi side of things.

Geeky Tom said...

They choose the faith ending rather than the science once! Would rather have had the science one.

Jarrod said...

Good luck Tom!
I've enjoyed hearing your thoughts on the Lost Initiative.

I was expecting and hoping for an ending more in line with what you mentioned. That being said, i really enjoyed the ending i got.
When you look at a lot of those mysteries in the context of souls that never die, it removes some of my insistant feeling that those questions be answered.
Like Desmond says,
"This doesn't matter, you know.
Him destroying the island, you destroying him...
it doesn't matter.
You're going to lower me in to that light,
and I'm going to go somewhere else,
a place where we can be with the ones that we love,
and never have to think about this damn island again."

Really just enforcing what you said...
The show is about the characters.
The same thing could be said about life.

Steve said...

I would have liked the science ending as well. It pretty much made the previous seasons (plus the Lost Initiative podcasts) almost redundant, as the whole topics of debate have centered around the mythology of the island - but that was largely ignored. They chose to simply answer what was happening during the final season. But I didn't get hooked in Lost because of the final season. I got hooked because of the strange island. Disappointed to say the least.

Anonymous said...

Good luck in the new job Geeky Tom. And personally I hated Lost's ending and found it so cheesy and disappointing I couldn't beleive it (Was it even really about the characters?) I wasn't bothered about getting answers to everything, but I hoped for at least something that'd make me think or make me understand something and see the island or the show in a new way - maybe want to rewatch some of it given what I might learn. I certainly won't be doing that now! Oh well - makes it easier to forget I guess! All the best and that!

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