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I have had my hair cut and with this new hair comes certain responsibilities, thus from this day forward (it should of been yesterday but I was a little drunk, lets remember here these are self imposed responsibilities) I will attempt to post weekly. Yes weekly.

And thus the scope of my gaze may shift from current events to ghosts of things that have passed, depending on my mood and/or attention span for that given week.

Just quickly as this wasn't supposed to be part of this post, I'm just watching the new Flash Forward and I'm reminded why I lost interest before. Why? Well I just really couldn't give a toss if they all just blacked out and never woke again, I just plain don't like anyone in that program. Could be one of those watch in one sitting shows though so maybe I'll come back to it. Let me know what it is I'm missing if you disagree. On second thoughts go screw yourself, that's the most annoying messianic voice over ever, had enough of it on Heroes.


For Mother's Day I treated my mum to Alice in Wonderland on IMAX 3D, an unusual Mother's Day jaunt you may think but both my sisters live in Australia so I pretty much have free reign to do what ever family stuff I choose.

Firstly IMAX 3D certainly is worth the money and straight after leaving I jotted in my diary Clash of the Titans and Tron: Legacy, especially Tron!

Perhaps Alice wasn't the best movie for an introduction to IMAX 3D, Avatar would of been amazing but I could't sit through that narrative miasma again.

Alice is a return to form for Burton (thank god it wasn't another Wonka) and beautifully captures the look and feel of wonderland, through a Burton tinted lens of course. The whole world is fantastically realised in a true artistic fashion down to the finest details, even those that don't take centre stage, which I think is the sign of real genius.

Then we get to the end and are eternally branded with the knowledge that Burton should avoid song and dance numbers at all costs, wait, didn't we learn that with Wonka. He also seems to have forgot how a film ends, perhaps he just didn't want to let go of this project.

And so I come to the most important part of my IMAX 3D experience: TRON: LEGACY!

If I'd seen this on a tiny, tiny computer screen I would of loved this, however I saw this on IMAX 3D. Just let that sink in, Tron: Legacy, in 3D on a screen however many stories high, I very nearly got up and left right there, you know, to spend a little time alone, with my thoughts...

The production design on this is truly amazing, lets hope the story lives up to the look (unlike Avatar) but from what's being thrown around the net this sounds like the case.

What fills me with hope is the subtle but effective marketing that has been done for Tron. and all the associated ARG and viral Mcgubbins have been so carefully planned if even half that care and attention makes it to the film, well it'll be sweet. It reminds me of the Dark Knight marketing that built up over such a long time, and well, that was OK wasn't it.

I have some giant IMAX 3D fingers crossed.



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