The Death of Guybrush Threepwood

The rule used to be that you couldn't die in a Lucasarts' game (this was before the onslaught of Star Wars games). After completing the latest installment of the Tales of Monkey Island I have come to the conclusion that maybe Telltale Games don't play be the same rules. You see in the latest chapter, our hero (Mr Threepwood) gets stabbed in the chest with a sword. Pretty dramatic huh? I know that me and half the Telltale forums were a bit surprised. Yes this episode has been another cracker. We are back on Flotsam Island and this time it's night time; or as I like to call it: Monkey Time as most of the best Monkey Island games had a great night section. Guybrush is on Trial, that crazy French guy is still around and Elaine has gone pox-mad.

                                                                              (oh yeah Stan is back)

Anyway it made me think back to the other Monkey games and how they dealt with Guybrush dying - because he did, in everyone I think. Here is an example from the Curse of Monkey Island. Never mix medicine and alcohol, except if you are a lovable computer game character that is.

Then this slightly older example from Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge. I like this version because a lot of people forget that your just listening to a retelling of the story.

So proof that you can't die; well proof that you can find comedy ways out of it.

I would hazard a guess that Guybrush will be making a return and a miraculous recovery in the final chapter of what has been a really fantastic game. Because Monkey Island is still a Lucasarts franchise and I would doubt they would be pleased if one of their most popular non Star Wars character got nailed in the penultimate episode. However with a name like Tales of Monkey Island: Rise of the Pirate God; He may just be returning with some strange new powers.

Lastly, I would like to add that the episodic content format is working incredibly well for this genre of gaming. It really is something to look forward to every month. I hope it really kicks off, and a few more companies decide to start doing content like this. And maybe adventure games might have a revival; although some may argue that 2009 has been a very good year for the genre.

Which is has been, no argument here...for a change.


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