What the Frick? BBC Comedy is Good Shocker - Mutual Friends

So here's the thing, the received wisdom of the past few years, dictated on high from the likes of Heat, and the grauniad: BBC Comedy is shit, compared to the cutting edge fare offered on C4.

It's a no brainer really. Auntie Beeb have recently given us Katy Brand, Touch Me I'm Karen Taylor, The Wrong Door, and yet *another* series of Little Britain. Woop de do. Add to that their prime time offerings seem to be neatly encapsulated by the likes of The Family, Two Pints of Lager..., and Hyperdrive, and you'd be forgiven for hearing the likes of Black Adder and David Brent spinning in their graves.

Which is what makes tonight's last episode of Mutual Friends so surprising - it's everything great comedy should be: Dark, bitter, twisted and fuck funny. More surpringly it's all the things currently missing from C4's current roster of Alan Carr repeats, with the honorable exception of the excellent Inbetweeners, and when you add it to the Beeb's other recent successes (Massive, Summer Heights High, and Flight of Conchords), maybe just maybe the world has turned upside down? Dig it out, you'll love it


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