True Blood. Not just London street talk it's going to be a TV series too.

Friends don't let friends drink friends. Thats a tag line from part of the viral marketing campaign for this new series starting in America in September, genius.

It's the new project of Alan Ball creator of "Six Feet Under", kinda sticking with the death thing this series is set in a world were due to the creation of synthetic blood, vampires are integrating into wider society. Plus its HBO and those guys kick ass at making good TV.

Their based on a series of books by writer Charlaine Harris they focus on a Louisiana waitress called Sookie Stackhouse, who just happens to be psychic. Actually, don't think I can say she "just happens to be psychic" cause lets face it thats probably a key factor in the narrative.

Oh wait it is, friend of mine has read the books, highly recommends them too. You see being psychic ain't all roses, poor Sookie doesn't do so well socially what with being able to hear everyones dirty little thoughts, everyone but vampires. In particular a brooding male vampire that walks in her bar.

I've seen a few bits from the pilot, my friend tells me its a pretty damn faithful recreation of the books which can never be a bad thing. The other things I liked about was the kind of subtexts that were there such as issues with the integration of the vampires into normal society, and Sookie's social problems what with knowing what people are thinking. It reminded me of the kind of social commentary present in the amazing Battlestar Galatica, art telling the truth through lies type thing (thats pretty good, wonder were I got that from).

Keep your eyes open for this one, hopefully some smart people over here in the sunny UK will purchase it for our delectation. Kinda looks like a Channel 4 series, preferably not Sky, damn their black hearts.

Anyone hears anything let me know, if you want check it out at HBO.

OOH check out the amusing viral marketing thingy website TRUE BEVERAGE. Am I allowed to say it's viral marketing or does that devalue it as such a medium? I'll leave you with that one.



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