Sony's Afrika (with a K)

I think Sony have gone mad.

I’m a fan of new gaming ideas, but I thought the whole ‘taking photo games’ had died with that rubbish Pokemon Camera game.

Apparently not.

Afrika (with a K) gives you, YES YOU, the chance to roam the plains of Africa (with a C) taking photos of all the wildlife. Yup, photos.

Is it just me or does this sound REALLY mundane. I have a feeling that Sony thought so to so they slapped this Hollywood blockbuster soundtrack on it to liven things up.

Jesus, this is the equivalent of slapping a V12 engine on a Moped. You not out their trying to save the world, YOU TAKING PICTURES OF ANIMALS. I would understand if you could get out of your van and wrestle a lion or slap a Giraffe around the face, then I think the music would fit the bill, but YOUR JUST TAKING PHOTOS.

......sorry I'm listening to it while I'm writing this and it is really making me laugh.

Haha, actually good luck to Sony with this one, maybe they will pull it off. Either way, hopefully Crabs will buy so I can give it a go.

Dum dum dum dummm dum dummmmm do do do do do do

Sorry, it is


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