The Devil Wears...fold away shoes???

When my friend and yours the legend in his own bedroom that is Geeky Tom, asked me to join him on his blog my first thought was "right, lets mix things up". So you've got Games, know a bit about those, there's Films and I love those in a way only a man can in those long lonely nights, same goes for TV. Finally Pirates, occasionally I like to take on the appearance of a pirate and who doesn't.

Lots to work with there, of course I decided to completely ignore all that and in my typical geeky ADD style I'm going to talk about shoes. But not just any shoes, oh no, high heel shoes, yup you heard me, on blog headlined by someone called Geeky Tom I'm going to talk about high heel shoes. Come...enjoy my madness.

The most unusual thing about these particular shoes (and these are some wierd ass shoes) is their creator, it's Sheilas' Wheels. I'm sorry for speaking the name, I know now that you're hearing that same ear bleeding whine in your head as you try with all power to forget that song. Here's the cool bit though, these bad boys aint just high heels, oh no, the very special heel folds away allowing the wearer a more comfortable flat shoe.

Just so we're clear, yes i'am a bit wierd but I just love crazy little inventions like this, it in no way effects my life but its just kinda cool. Bet it's japanese, love the way they think.

And why might you ask has Sheila taken it upon her self to create a shoe of all things? Something to do with women putting themselves at risk driving while wearing the wrong foot wear. Now I've spoke to a few women in my time and women wearing the wrong footwear is a problem which stretches far beyond driving.

Wait I've had an idea what about shoes with airbags so that when girls fall over they can land softly! I see a theme here. Oh yes and here's a picture of those shoes.


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