Casting Rumours - Genius or madness??

There is currently more comic book films in some stage of development than there are sweaty palmed geeks looking at Internet pictures of Hayden Panettiere. Some of these are good ideas, some of these are certainly bad but its the same for any movie, you get a bunch of idiots behind the scenes who don't know the first thing about movies but lots about money then your screwed. Strangely however there seems to be some interesting developments surrounding a lot of these films that could mean alot of them are going to rock, brains seems to be winning over brawn.

The latest buzz is possible casting for the Watchmen film, this ones been in development since film was invented, its an enigma, the grail of comic book movies. Does it matter that Heroes already covered its storyline in a rather competent way so everyone who hasn't read it will think its old news? Who can say.

The casting rumors for this film have been churning away for some time now and heres the latest: Ozymandias is to be played by Matthew Goode, Laurie Juspeczyk (hope i got that right) aka Silk Spectre is to be played by Malin Akerman. The last two have been around for a little longer with Billy Crudup as Mr Manhattan and the finally the biggest character in the whole thing, the man whose special ability is being a bit wrong in the headbox, Rorshach is to be played by Jackie Earle Haley.

Now other than Crudup I haven't really experienced the acting ability of most of this cast, though thats not always a bad thing. One good thing however is Goode is a Brit and he's playing the bad guy and you know we rule at playing bad guys.

The other casting rumor to hit is an odd one, from an odd development, its the Punisher sequel and this ones had some big ups and downs. I personally loved the first film, I don't think it was perfect but it had a certain violent charm that just made me smile. The role of Punisher was in the hands of Thomas Jane originally and he'd been behind the sequel 100% right after the last film. Intrigue ensued however and he has now dropped out stating that he could not be involved in a film that would be in no way faithful to either the source material or the action movie genre.

So who have the got to replace him, Ray Stevenson of course, don't recognize the name, me either but if I mention Titus Pullo you may know who I'm talking about. Its our friendly neighbourhood killing machine of Rome fame. But just cause he can rip a room full of guys apart in a few seconds leaving nothing but blood stained walls and an ichy pool to wade through, does that make him a good choice for The Punisher? erm...actually when you put it that way.

Before I go can I just point out these films change more than public opinion, you fickle bunch, so expect more updates.


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