Death Spank and his Friend Sparkles the Wizard

Death Spank, an Xbox Live game in a similar vein to Diablo and, to some extent, World of WarCraft. It's written by one of the guys that made the original Monkey Island game so it has inherited a sense of humour.

Annoyingly, this is EXACTLY the sort of game I used to play with Greg (Crabs) and Rob when I was living up in Sheffield. A two player romp that would easily kill a few hours and a few beers. I have an utter sense of regret that I will probably never get to ask Crabs to take the helm as Death Spank's trusty side kick Sparkles the Wizard. Or the almighty Steve, in the game's sequel: Death Spank and the Thongs of Virtue.

You see Greg is a bit like Sparkles the Wizard. Rubbish in a fight and often wears a dress and a floppy hat. He can sometimes shoot fire out of his month depending on whether we secretly added chilly sauce to kebab on a particularly hectic night out. In fact I might start calling him's seem apt. 

I guess I will have to play this on my own. My house mates seems more interested in Fifa and Eastenders or Fif-stenders as I will now call it. Sniff...DUDES I TOTALLY MISS YOU!


Crabs said...

If I'm honest I can in no way argue with any of that. Maybe I'll video me and Rob playing it drunk for your private collection.

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