Current favourite comedy - Mongrels on BBC3

Well hello there, I've not posted in such a long time that I'm pretty sure I'm persona non grata to GeekyTom (or is it just Tom now that the LP is finished?), and this attempt to atone will be met with icy silence.

Hey ho, nonetheless I've been watching Episode 2 of BBC's beyond brilliant puppet comedy MONGRELS and felt compelled to stop watching after only 6mins and 38 secs simply in order to quickly post about the sheer awesomeness of this show, and urge you all to please watch it. Now. First two eps are up on the BBC iplayer (UK only, sorry)

This is the Beeb blurb "Adult multi-species puppet comedy about five urban animals who hang out together in the back yard of an inner city pub" which somewhat plays down just how rude, crude, inventive and just pure laugh out loud funny it is. The cat OD'ing on catnip and raving to Prodigy is one thing, but just wait til you get to the first date request to 'sniff your anus...' Family-friendly viewing this is not, but thank you thank you thank you to the BBC for spending my licence fee money on this. I can only look forward to the rest of this episode, and the 6 more to come.

I'll also do a post soonish (really, I will) on some of the new US dramas and comedies starting later this year in the Autumn. Amongst these are the Hawaii Five-O reboot, a new Nikita and JJ Abrams' spy couple caper...


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