"I done bad things." So says SOLOMON KANE.

"If I kill you I am bound for hell. It is a price I am willing to pay."

With these immortal words I knew that this film was going to kick my ass raw.

SOLOMON KANE is a character created by Robert E. Howard of Conan fame and all the sword, sorcery and violent heroics that made me love that muscled bound idiot are present here, plus he has pistols and the devil wants him.

To sum up, Kane is 16th century viscous bastard who as a captain in his majesties armies leads a band of equally nasty gits into war for England. He takes great pleasure in killing and plundering, until him and his men raid a castle in Africa for treasure and are all killed (except for Kane of course) by demons. Kane comes face to face with a particularly nasty one who it seems has been sent by the devil himself to claim Kane's blackened soul, fancy that. Kane obviously takes great umbrage with this and decides against it.

Kane vows to follow a life of peace to save his soul, no violence, some nasty scarification and lots of hugging kittens etc. Of course a pious beardy bloke being nice wouldn't make much of a film so in come more demons and Kane goes to work in typical 80s style man driven to the edge, kind of like Popeye but with more blood.


Now another reason I'm rather excited about this is because of Michael J. Bassett the director. He directed the much underrated Deathwatch(though looking at imdb it did win some awards so it must of been the idiotic public that underrated it), a great horror film set in WW1 trenches starring Billy Elliot and Gollum. Deathwatch had great atmosphere, real darkness and terror, not to mention the style which by the look of the trailer is really going to suit this film. Plus Solomon Kane has got Pete Postlethwaite in it.



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