My name is LEGION, for we are many.

One of my all time favourite films is The Prophecy starring Christopher Walken and Viggo Mortensen as the best movie version of Lucifer ever (he gives the great line - "Little Tommy Daggett. How I loved listening to your sweet prayers. Then you would hop into bed, afraid that I was hiding under it. And I was!", ooh chills)

I love the atmosphere to that movie and the way it drags down the idea of angels into a gritty reality. Now we have LEGION, and though this may fall back on more modern action based nonsense (screw you Matrix for ruining so many films, screw you right in the arse, you make one good film and you end up with a life time of movie execs masturbating over its style, which they couldn't even match in the sequels for Christ sake!) it still has some of that grit and I just love the last stand in the desert thing. So yes it has slow-mo dual gun wielding which is a sure sign there's limited plot but boy does it look fun, plus I really like Paul Bettany and it'll be nice to see him kick some arse.

It's also quite interesting to note that the director Scott Stewart is also working on a film version of the manga Priest, which is a sort of western vampire thing about a priest (obviously) supposedly also starring Bettany.



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