ABC's Defying Gravity

With Lost approaching its final season. I'm on a constant hunt for replacements. I stumbled on this today, a space drama with some rather horny astronauts.

Here are some bits from the press release:

It's a space thriller set in the very near future against the background of our solar system, in which eight astronauts from five countries (four women and four men) undertake a mysterious six-year international space mission covering eight billion miles.

Hurtling into the vast challenge of infinite space, the eight astronauts and the ground personnel who support them are on a mission that has a powerful and awesome mystery at its core. The intimate and interconnected relationships among the astronauts and the ground crew, as well as their past actions, have a strangely karmic effect on the present.

Episodes are divided between the present, as the Antares travels towards Venus, and the past, with flashbacks to earlier years when the astronauts were in the grueling selection and training process.

Flash backs you say, that sounds familiar. Anyway I will be checking this one out.

So the 2nd August it is then.


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