Left 4 Dead (Fun with Witches) and Mirrors Edge (Live Action)

The Xbox 360 Version

I love this game, my friends love this game and I though it was about time I wrote about this game. It’s a co-operative Zombie shooter and It’s genuinely scary, not because of the source material more due to the fact that zombies will be hiding in cupboards, round corners, in trees – basically where you least expect them.

It’s based on Value’s Half Life Source engine, so if you have ever played a Valve game before then you will know the score with the graphics and the game-play. My biggest fear when I heard about this game is that it was originally developed for the PC so Xbox 360 port was probably going to be an after thought. My fears quickly evaporated when I got my sweating hands on it. It’s just as good as the PC version, you will never be able to replace a keyboard and mouse for games like these but the ease of Xbox Live really makes the whole experience fan-bloody-tastic.

Oh and I nearly forgot, this game has the greatest character probably to ever grace a computer game. Meet the Witch.

A horrible sobbing girl that can kill you in a single blow. The aim is to not startle her, so its flash lights off and time to hold your breath when you hear her theme music. The problem is that is just too dam tempting to try get that head shot achievement – the one where you have to kill witch with one shot to the head. This normally ends in much hilarity and a dead team member.

Here’s a video of the general vibe of the game because my reviews are always rubbish.

Mirrors Edge (Live Action)

In an attempt to make my posts seem a bit bigger, here is a real life version of the free running game from EA.
I really enjoyed this trailer. The marketing and the game have been truly innovative. In a year of guns and guts, I have really enjoyed this side order of running, jumping and climbing trees.


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