In these dismal days of retrenchment and redundancy I've finally spotted a gap in the market of Hot New Web Ideas that's bound to make me millions - LinkedOut.

It's so simple it's not even true. I'm now in my third round of redundancies (which isn't I hasten to add a reflection on otherwise excellent work record), and two things always bothered me: 1) How come it's always Editorial that gets cut? and 2) How do those fucking twats who manage to steer the successive departments and Channels I've worked for onto the rocks, not only keep their jobs but get large pay rises? HOW?

It seems to me we need to start whistleblowing on these fat-headed idiots and what better way than to set up a parallel service to LinkedIn, revealling the truth behind their CV lies?

So let's start a list of idiots revealling who the managerial dross currently cluttering up the world are, and warning potential employees and staff about the dead weights lurking on Monster. I'll go first:

< linky removed to stop Geeky Tom crying about the lawyers >This man is the kiss of death </happy tom?>, and during his time 'strategising' he managed not only to close a whole channel twice, he proved his 'down with the kids' credentials by banging on about hot new band 'Coldfeet', and combined making us all redundant with buying a £500K house using the office fax machine. At our leaving party he then allowed us all one free drink each, which we had to get using a special token. Almost eight years later I'm still enraged by his conduct.

Start sending in your nominations and let's get this baby live!


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