Geeky Tom's Insert Noah's Island in to Lost Campaign

I thought I would follow up Crab's piece on Noah's Island. So I YouTubed it (is that a verb now?) and discover the above piece of video.

Wow, just wow. There are SO many similarities which I won't point out because you have eyes and you have undoubtedly seen them yourself.

However I want to take this one step further. Lost is renowned for hinting at books and pieces of writing that link in to the themes of the show.

So Damon Lindelof, yes you Damon, we have met before and I would like to follow up that friendship by imploring you to insert this in to one of the upcoming seasons of Lost. Come on, just put it in one Episode! Have it playing on a TV in the background. Maybe have a video of it laying around in one of the Darmah stations.

I will leave its insertion up to you guys.

Lets make the internet laugh, I know I would if I spotted it playing in the background.

If any fans of Lost are reading this, please spread the word and make this happen, because I'm lazy and I can't be bothered to do it myself.

and yes I know the name of the Campaign needs a little work. Feel free to suggest a better one.


Josh said...

I fully back this campaign and will be paying close attention to what Aaron is watching on the TV in the background of any seasons in the future.

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