Geeky Tom's Brief Wall-E Review

If I’m honest, I’m not a huge Pixar fan. I didn’t like Finding Nemo, much to the disgust of my friends. Up to this point, I would have classed Monsters Inc as their best work by quite a clear margin.

But we are at the point now and I have moved past it...smacked it over the head then thrown dirt in its eyes, as I lord past it, smirking my arse off.

Wall-E is a FANTASTIC film.

Its Pixar's BEST work, and I have no doubt that it will earn Pixar a lot of awards. It better, or I will get properly angry.

This is a brief review so I won’t go in to much plot details. But I WILL say the thing that makes this film stand out from the rest is that its practically a silent movie.

This of course isn't strictly true, but I reckon you could fit the script on the back of a McDonald's Napkin, with room to slag off how bad ‘the Happening’ is.

My friend Jon said 'that films should show, not tell' and Wall-E does just that. The Loneliness shown in the first 20 minutes doesn’t need any dialogue to explain. Wall-E’s glee when he first meets Eve is jumps off the screen, and thus needs no witty chat or ham fisted English bumbling buffoonery ( yes you Hugh Grant). Wall-E expresses more emotion with his two eye apparatus then Mark Wallberg can muster for the majority of the Happening; sorry, had to put that one in too.

So, I said it was brief because I sure Jon will put up a proper review.

Go watch it when it’s out next month.

I give it 5 Wyverns out of 5

So a whole flock or herd of Wyverns...just trust me when I say its good.


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