Monkey Island 5

There are rumours spreading around the web that the fools at Lucasarts are in the stages of planning a non Starwars game!

Read the rumour here!

I know, it completely shocked me too. I can just imagine conversations that when down in the Lucasarts board room to start this rumour:

"so....we need a new game"
"We could do another starwars game?"
"I think we have pretty much done every starwars game conceivable"
"Yeah, I think your right"
"Hey, Aren't Pirates the in thing at the moment!"
"Yeah your right, we should do a Pirate Pirates of the Caribbean"
"Hey wait? Don't we own the rights to some kind of incredibly popular piratey game?"
"...Star Pirates?, Pirate Wars?"

That's right Monkey Island 5 is in the planning stages....

To be honest this confirms nothing, but it did prompt the Steve Purcell to send in some sneaky artwork to a few Monkey Island fansites!

Completely unrelated?
I don't bloody think so!


After some more investigation it turns out that these images are in fact from a old project that was going to bring Monkey Island to the big screen. I guess Steve was just pulling our bloody peg leg, or maybe we were letting our excitement get the better of us. Its seems that Lucasarts are content with scratching together a living on their horrible junk heap of overdone franchises, cobbling together games from old bits of discarded Starwars.



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